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RiskCATS Rail

RiskCATs is the toolset when safety is the top priority. This tool is for navigating and using,EN50128 and EN50129 (Railway Safety).


There is a very useful note facility. You can add notes to any measure. For example hyperlinks to your own documents or procedures. Notes are searchable and can be exported in RTF format.


No more need for Post -it-Note or written notes in the margin of your printed standard, or companion note books.


Measures can be selected manually or automatically. The automatic selection can be by keyword, document headings and function. They can be selected by section or the whole standard and also "and" or "or" with the levels e.g."recommended" and/or mandatory etc so almost any combination can be selected in seconds.


All selections can be output in rtf format (optionally with notes) to produce check lists. Filtering permits the saving of measures with and without notes and other parameters. Delimiters can also be selected so Within a matter of minutes you can produce checklists for all the teams in the development from requirements capture to final test.


The ability to save the state of RiskCATS means you can instantly recall measure selections (and notes) for any number of scenarios. E.g. mandatory measures for verification at SIL 3. Multiple sessions can be saved.


We have a demo of this software and a technical paper on it's use. For a downloadable demo version please email us via the contact page. However you really need to see an on site demonstration of the full system.