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MISTRAY-C came about during the early part of the work on MISRA-C:2004. The MISRA-C2 team were reviewing the MISRA-C1 rules. What were they actually trying to archive?


More to the point what were they actually trying to stop? 


Chris Hills one of the long standing members of the MISRA-C working group started to write down what each rule was trying to prohibit.


Many of the things are prohibited are things that some programmers like to do.  So Chris wrote the list of "banned things"   as a sort of inverse coding standard.


It was laid out much like the original MISRA-C so  you had the balance of a Good Coding standard and it's inverse from The Dark Side.  The logo of MIStRAy-C is a pastiche on the MISRA logo.  Even the cover photo above was similar to the MISRA-C cover


Ironically  when the MIStRAy-C guide was printed and distributed at a conference (not on April the first unfortunately) several people took it at face value as a coding standard! Though they did have "some reservations about   some rules" !


The disclaimer should tell you all you need to know about this guide. However we did have to apologies as some one did find that one of the MIStRAy-C rules was not complete nonsense!



This guide has nothing whatsoever to do with MISRA-C (www.misra.org.uk), MISRA or any other body that tries to restrict the free creativity of programmers.


We totally reject any connection between this guide and any other similarly named publication. The aforementioned MISRA-C is a reactionary publication that seeks to restrict the free expression of programmers under the guise of vehicle safety and good practice. This guide does no such thing!

This guide is FREE in all senses in the true sprit of the free programming community. Artificial laws that restrict our programming flair and civil rights will not bind us.


We proudly present this free form guide for C/C++ a free form language for free thinking programmers who will not be bound by the rules of enforced style, old thinking, law, Engineering or Physics.

This guide is free for all to use and has no need of any warranty, as we are sure any reader will know exactly what to do with this guide.

This guide is guaranteed to be safe for being carried, stored or read in motor vehicles whilst stationary. This guide is worth exactly what you paid for it.


Click here for a FREE download of MIStRAy-C


If we ever get time  there will be a MIStRAy-C2